About Us


Who Are We?


We are a family of 2 children who have priority concern for mothers and children needs. As we are also still a growing family, we know how hard and complicated it is to manage time while taking care of your baby needs. That is why we are here to help you by distributing the best choice of branded products which have high quality and multifunction, educational, attractive, and most importantly always safe to be used by both mother and baby.


Now we have developed with more hands to help and has become a company consists of various talents. Each day we build trust to expand to greater choices of baby products. Passionate, creative, and professional are our personality. In order to reach our destination, we believe that honesty and sincerity become the main key. Now we are inviting you to explore and take this opportunity to prepare what is best for you and your little ones.


“Passionate, creative, and professional are our personality”


PT Tosyen Okta Prima didirikan pada tahun 2007. Pada tahun 2015, PT Tosyen meluncurkan sebuah online shop yang bernama tosyen.com yang bertujuan untuk memudahkan customer dalam berbelanja secara online.

PT Tosyen Okta Prima bergerak sebagai distributor tunggal perlengkapan bayi / mainan anak dan juga di bidang car rental. Berikut adalah brand internasional yg kami distribusi di seluruh Indonesia :

  •     Okiedog      - Tas bayi yang fashionable dan fungsional dari Jerman
  •     Wildpack     - Tas anak-anak yang sangat innovative, sub-brand Okiedog
  •     Bruder        - Mainan alat berat anak skala 1:16, dibuat di Jerman
  •     Skoot         - Koper anak yg bisa digunakan sebagai ride-on toy dari Inggris
  •     Wow           - Mainan anak balita dari Inggris
  •     Aqua Scale  - Bak Mandi Bayi Digital dari Amerika
  •     Inglesina     - Stroller Bayi Mewah dibuat di Italia
  •     eZpZ          - All-in-one placemat + plate/bowl dari Amerika